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27 Jun 2017

Tech Tip

Submitted by admin

I often get an issue when shooting events where the file names roll over from 9999 to 0001. You might get this on holiday or during a long shoot.

All the files are unique, but they get out of sequential order.

Here's a little bit of software that can solve this issue that Phil Wilding brought to my attention.

Bulk Rename Utility 
It's free to download here and use and has lots of uses based around mass renaming of files.

So say you have _319999.CR2 and _310001.CR2 for instance. The latter was taken after, but will come before the former in any file listing or Bridge. (Canon RAW file names used, but the principle is the same for all manufacturers)

Using BRU there's a replace option. So highlight/select the files _310001 through to your last shot, say _310350 and replace the _31 to _32.
(_310001 becomes _320001 etc.)

Then the images shot later will come in the correct chronological sequence in your file structure or Bridge and things are a lot easier to understand.


9 Jun 2017

This months My Memory competition has a theme of nature and I'm sure many of us in the club have great images that fit this category.

The competition is free, with the chance to win one of two 256Mb MicroSD cards.

What have you got to lose?

Images just need to be between 400 and 1000px on the longest side, 72dpi and less than 2Mb in size.

You can enter here.


7 Jun 2017

Neath Photographic Salon

Submitted by admin

Neath was the latest BPE salon to declare its results last night and Sue Champion was rewarded with three acceptances.

Two in the open colour section with 'Fourties Housewife' and 'Magnolia Still Life' and one in the creative section with 'Yellow Dasies'.

Well done Sue!

If you're interested in seeing the standard of what got in, then you can view the acceptances here.


6 Jun 2017

Visions of Sport 2017

Submitted by admin

If you happen to be in London over the next month or so with a little time to spare then why not visit the Getty Image Gallery (near Oxford Circus) to see their Visions of Sport 2017 exhibition.

There are some stunning shots showing the very best of sport.

My particular favorite is the shot of French tennis player Gael Monfils at last years Australian Open - to die for!

If you can't make it in person you can see the images on line here.


27 May 2017

The latest BPE exhibition declared its results this week.

Robin Hood is run by Nottingham and Notts PS and attracted over 4500 entries.

Sue Champion gained two acceptances and Roger Evans eight including the gold medal in the open colour class with 'Love the High Bar' on it's very first outing. It then went up against the other class winners and went on to win 'Best in Exhibition' as well.

If you're interested in seeing the standard of salon photography, then the online results and galleries are available to peruse here.

18 May 2017

Hong Kong architecture

Submitted by admin

If you're up in Manchester between now and 18th June why not pop in to see the exhibition of Michael Wolf's work 'A Private Public' at the Centre for Chinese Contempory Art in the Northern Quarter of the city.

For over twenty years German photographer Michael Wolf has captured the hyper-density of the city of Hong Kong through his large-scale photographs. A Private Public presents Hong Kong’s seemingly endless industrial facades contrasted with an intimate perspective from within its hidden network of back alleys.

Since his arrival in the city in 1994, Wolf has been absorbed in an alternative urban culture, condensed and preserved within Hong Kong’s ‘laneways’. Somewhere between public and private spaces, these alleys are utilized by the population in a myriad of ways; forming shortcuts between the main thoroughfares, they also provide quiet resting places or much-needed storage space for residents.

Full details can be found here.
11 May 2017

Hoylake International 2017

Submitted by admin

This year the Hoylake International salon attracted nearly 8000 images from over 500 photographers from around the world.

Hoylake has six sections, Open Colour, Open Mono, Landscape, Nature, Photojournalism and Phototravel. For the purists amongst us the last four sections do not allow other than basic manipulation (Cropping, sharpening, dodging and burning in effect).

Your can just enter one section, but the pricing structure encourages photographers who have suitable images to enter all as the price for three sections is the same as that for six.

Luckily, Roger's images slot quite well into these categories and he entered the maximum of 24 images. His rewards were, 19 acceptances and 7 awards winners (including a FIAP gold for 'Waller stretches out' and a PSA gold for 'Sam Oldham battles the rings').

In addition to this he was also awarded the FIAP blue badge for 'Best Author', his second within a year following on from a similar feat in the Fotosport Salon.

Brian Magor, the salon chairman, will be visiting CPS early next year to talk about the salon.


26 Apr 2017

The latest BPE exhibition declared its results this week and two members were rewarded with success.

Sue champion gained 2 acceptances with 'Fourties Housewife' and 'Wisteria'. Both are doing well and gaining regular acceptances.

Roger gained 4/4 acceptances with new images and received selectors awards for 'Laura Massaro forehand' and 'Louis Smith dismount'. 



24 Apr 2017

Many members enjoyed the landscape lecture given to the club by Colin Prior back in 2016.

For those interested in his work, you might like to see a programme currently available on the BBC iplayer

The Adventure Show special following landscape photographer Colin Prior as he sets out to capture a definitive record of three iconic mountains of the north west Highlands.

Colin Prior is one of the world's most acclaimed landscape photographers, someone who made his name with a set of panoramic images that defined wild Scotland for a generation. But, using the latest digital technology, he is attempting to capture a definitive record of three iconic mountains in the northwest Highlands. These include what many regard as our finest summit, An Teallach.
We've been following his progress, between the winter and spring equinoxes, and discover that the result of six months of work is just a handful of images.

It's available until mid May by clicking here.


30 Mar 2017

If you're looking for inspiration or just enjoy superb images then look no further than the Sony World Photography awards 2017.

This is the biggest photography competition and attracts some of the top pro and amateur togs from around the world.

There are some great and not so great images depending upon your taste, but the variety and quality is stunning.

If you look carefully at Andreas Hemb, Winner of the Sweden National Award you should recognise where it was taken. Cast your mind back to the wildlife talk given by the Toon's and you may recall the high end facility that they visited with an infinity pool lit by flashlights with all the mod cons for the tog who want's wildlife but doesn't want to slum it. There's a shot of African bison that has obviously been shot there.

Also, there's a breaching whale very similar to Mike Coe's image that won our Nature competition.

Full details can be found here.

16 Mar 2017

To judge or not to judge?

Submitted by admin

As part of Roger's committment to judging he worked towards an accreditation scheme developed by Christine Widdall to improve judging standards.

Having been to a judges workshop and been accepted last year, you then need to get positive feedback from six clubs where you have judged and then you go on the accredited list.

Chris runs these judging sessions every couple of years and they are an enjoyable way to meet up with photographers from other clubs.

You'll never please all the people all the time, but it's a great way to see how others view the world.

Why not go along the next time the L&CPU run one?


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