31 Aug 2017

Nearly ready for the Conservation Area exhibition.

Submitted by mikec
Painting it Black and a paler shade of white

The response from club members to the setting up of this exhibition, in support of the Chester Civic Trust, has been very strong. 

More than 20 members have submitted a total of 73 prints, whilst additional people have added to more than 160 digital images. Furthermore, 20 individuals have turned up to construct and paint the frames that will be used to show our work. 

A team of six are already booked in the set up the display, at the Weslyan Centre at 9.30 onn Monday 11th September. Anyone else interested in helping could contact Mike Coe on 07932 143 181.

The Mayor of Chester will open the event at 7.30 on the 14th, and members are welcome to attend.