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22 Mar 2016

Cheshire Life competition

Submitted by mikec

The magazine 'Cheshire LIfe' is hosting a competition sponsored by Wilkinson Cameras. The only rules are that professionals may not enter, and that the images must be taken in Cheshire. There is no limitation on the subject matter. First prize is a FujiFilm X100T.

Full details at:


Entries have to be in by 23rd September, and are to be downloaded to http://www.cheshirelife.co.uk/photos/upload-a-photo where you will need to register (for free) before uploading your image.

4 Dec 2015

Derek Meredith, our Competitions Secretary, has been looking at the number of entries into our competitions during the current season, as compared to the previous three years. The results show a healthy increase.

Looking at the Open competitions, there has been a 39% increase in group A workers submitting prints, and a 35% increase in projected image entries. Furthermore, the B category, aimed at less experienced members, has seen a jump of 24% in their submissions. This is very encouraging.

The very process of putting up your work to be evaluated by a judge is a learning exercise that helps you to improve. And most of the feedback is sympathetic and helpful. And it does add a bit of 'buzz' when you see your images progressing through the 'knockout' stages during the judging of the competition

5 Nov 2015
Left: Damian - a regular Norman sitter. Right: Mal

Norman Riley was well known to many in the photography fraternity in the North West. Past President of Chester Photographic Society in 2010 and 2011, a notable portrait photographer, an associate of the RPS.

Norman sadly passed away in late October, having suffered from respiratory problems for some time. He devoted his efforts to raising money for respiratory-related charities and being practically engaged in helping those with similar problems.

But Norman will be best remembered for his character. He was a very engaging personality, able to relate comfortably to anyone. He was a colourful character too, and many will recall his 'country-and-western' performances - having been a professional musician.

At least we can recall some fond memories and continue to enjoy his images and his music.

5 Nov 2015
Roger Evans and Dennis Smith celebrate medals
Winning selection from Chester P.S.

Chester Photographic Society came out clear winners in their Inter-Club print battle, with Warrington runners up.

Some 14 local clubs competed, and judge Tony Pioli stated that the general quality of club photography was getting ever better. However, he thought the monochrome images were not quite up to the standard of the coloured prints.

The 'Best Colour Print' medal went to Dennis Smith of Chester, for his portrayal of ladies football action 'Powerplay', beating Ian Copley's 'Sanderlings' by a narrow margin. The monochrome medal was taken by Roger Evans, also of Chester with his weightlifting image 'The Lifter'. 

The Chester Museum lecture theatre venue was packed, and the event is clearly a popular meeting point for photographic friends.

10 Sep 2015

Your committee has wanted to encourage new blood to get involved in the running of the society. In response to our request, Peter Turner has offered to assist.

Patrick Faleur has put together our Syllabus for the past ten years, and consistently brings in a variety of worthwhile speakers. We have asked Peter to work with Patrick, partly to lighten his workload, and partly to learn from the 'master'. Thank you Peter.

You might like to consider whether you can contribute some of your time in a similar capacity - you would be welcomed.

18 Aug 2015

Paul Smith has done good work for the society as the Exhibition Secretary, but asked to be relieved as he felt that he could not devote enough time to the task. We are pleased to say that Rob Adams, recent past-President of the society, has stepped up to the plate and agreed to take on the role. Rob has excellent contacts in Chester, and will be able to promote opportunities for us to display what we do.  Thank you Rob.

17 Aug 2015
2nd Chukka

The PAGB run APM assessments twice a year giving club photographers the opportunity to gain accreditations. At last weekends adjudications Sue Champion was successful in gaining her CPAGB. Two of her successful images are included along with a description of the journey by Sue herself.

It was back in November 2013 that I attended a mentoring day for the PAGB awards, which had been organised by the L&CPU. We were asked to take along 10 prints or DPI’s for a mock adjudication by six judges, so I obviously chose my most successful club and L&CPU entries from the previous two seasons. 
The day began with an explanation of the awards, scoring system and example entries from successful submissions. Credit Level images typically do well in club competitions and are used in inter-clubs. Every image is scored individually out of 5 by six judges, and they are displayed randomly as at our club. A total score of 200 from 10 images is required. Seeing the high standard of work was when reality struck, and the self doubt kicked in.
The judging process then began, and the speed of marking made it very obvious that high scoring entries needed immediate impact and appeal. A technically competent “good shot” was just not enough. Surprisingly, only one of my prints scored below the 20 marks required and my total was 210.  
Spurred on by this, I decided to contact Christine Widdall (L&CPU) to take up the offer of a mentor. This is where the hard work started. In December 2013, I was contacted by Gwen and Phil Charnock (formerly Wigan 10 ) and asked to send about 40-50 images on a CD so they could look at my work. Oh boy, what had I done!
I separated out my “Mock” images from the others, and naively thought they would just advise on the best ones to pick, and then maybe I would have to swap one or two for better ones. In reality, I ended up abandoning most of the high scorers from the mock, reworking others, and continually submitting new work. I was totally confused, so set up a folder with thumbnails of images next to e-mail print outs containing feedback. I  re-worked as instructed, and eventually rejected the weaker images. 

15 Jun 2015

Jan and Phil Wilding organised our presence at the Chester Triathlon on Sunday 14th June. The event has grown both in terms of the entry - about 1300 athletes this year - and also in its stature as a qualifier for some major competitions. Our brief this year was not so much about capturing the athletes, but to portray the roles of the marshalls and other volunteers who  run such a slick event. From a photographic point of view, it was an opportunity to wander through the occassion, taking images without the slightest reaction from those around.

8 May 2015
Commerce House
Night Market

Members Patrick Faleur and Vicky Naudi have both been successful in gaining an acceptance in the Grosvenor Museum’s 11th Open Art Exhibition which presents the best in contemporary art from the region. 

The show, which runs from 12 March until 17 June, provides a diverse and stimulating exhibition for the public, vividly demonstrating the great wealth of artistic talent in the area.


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