8 May 2015

The Grosvenor Museum’s 11th Open Art Exhibition (Revised)

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Commerce House
Night Market

Members Patrick Faleur and Vicky Naudi have both been successful in gaining an acceptance in the Grosvenor Museum’s 11th Open Art Exhibition which presents the best in contemporary art from the region. 

The show, which runs from 12 March until 17 June, provides a diverse and stimulating exhibition for the public, vividly demonstrating the great wealth of artistic talent in the area.

With 194 works of art by 160 artists, the exhibition presents a kaleidoscope of colours and styles, a wide range of techniques and materials, and a rich variety of subjects and moods.

The exhibition was selected by Dr Jeremy Turner, Programme Leader BA Fine Art, University of Chester; the artist Adrian Sumner; and Peter Boughton, Keeper of Art, West Cheshire Museums.  It was opened by Sally Tallant, Director of Liverpool Biennial.

Visitors to the exhibition are invited to vote for their favourite work, and the Visitors’ Choice will win £100. Visitors will also be able to purchase an original work of art, since most of the exhibits are for sale.

Patrick's image shows the recently demolished Commerce House in Chester  and was part of his Associateship panel. Peter Boughton, the Grosvenor’s Keeper of Art, commented that it was the only photograph of Commerce House he had seen which made it look good!

Vicky's image shows the Night Market in Marakesh and can be also be seen amongst our 'First place winners' slideshow on the website!

If you're in Chester, why not take a look and vote for Patrick or Vicky whilst your there!