15 Mar 2016

RPS success for Lynne Ewin

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Congratulations go to Chester member Lynne Ewin who has been awarded an LRPS from the Royal Photographic Society.

We asked Lynne to tell us about the process in her own words.

Following some success in the B worker section competitions I was encouraged to try to further
develop my photographic skills. I joined the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) and decided to find
out more about the distinctions awarded. LRPS (Licentiateship of The RPS) is the first level and
requires a portfolio of ten images that demonstrate variety in approach and techniques but not
necessarily in subject matter. The mounted photos are judged initially on their cohesion as a panel
and followed by a detailed examination of the prints.
The RPS run advisory days for applicants for distinctions and my initial step was to go along as an
observer to get an idea of the standards and expectations. I found these days interesting and
informative and was inspired to start to put together my portfolio. I then booked to attend an
advisory day for my own assessment, this encouraged me to continue working on my prints to
meet the deadline. I found the advisory day extremely helpful and was relieved when it was
suggested that I change just two of my prints, and not go back to the drawing board! The
suggestions were constructive and led me to put in an application for the award of LRPS.
The assessment days are held in Bath at RPS headquarters and I wanted to attend to experience
the process. We decided to make it a short break and enjoy the city of Bath so that we gained
something even if I was unsuccessful. However, I was delighted to be present when the panel of
five judges assessed my work and recommended the award. I can say now that overall I found the
experience constructive and enjoyable and would recommend anyone who is a keen photographer
to consider it.
Two of Lynne's successful panel of 10 are included in this article.
Very well done Lynne Ewin L.R.P.S.