11 May 2017

Hoylake International 2017

Submitted by admin

This year the Hoylake International salon attracted nearly 8000 images from over 500 photographers from around the world.

Hoylake has six sections, Open Colour, Open Mono, Landscape, Nature, Photojournalism and Phototravel. For the purists amongst us the last four sections do not allow other than basic manipulation (Cropping, sharpening, dodging and burning in effect).

Your can just enter one section, but the pricing structure encourages photographers who have suitable images to enter all as the price for three sections is the same as that for six.

Luckily, Roger's images slot quite well into these categories and he entered the maximum of 24 images. His rewards were, 19 acceptances and 7 awards winners (including a FIAP gold for 'Waller stretches out' and a PSA gold for 'Sam Oldham battles the rings').

In addition to this he was also awarded the FIAP blue badge for 'Best Author', his second within a year following on from a similar feat in the Fotosport Salon.

Brian Magor, the salon chairman, will be visiting CPS early next year to talk about the salon.