1st Place images 2015-16

13 Mar 2017
The Lifter

The Southampton Camera Club was formed in 1896 and now runs one of the largest and oldest international photographic salons in the United Kingdom. Their International Exhibition attracts in the region of 8000 entries from nearly 60 countries around the world and SIE 2017 is the 104th anniversary of this prestigious event.

Roger entered four prints into each of the Open and Mono sections and was rewarded handsomely with all eight gaining acceptance, five of which gained awards.

He scooped the best mono print with........you guessed it, 'The Lifter', it's 32nd award.


8 Mar 2017

The results of the Basingstoke National were announced yesterday and two CPS members were rewarded with acceptances.

Sue Champion received 4 acceptances and Roger Evans 6.

The image shown is one of Sue's acceptances 'Fourties Housewife'. It also won the AD People competition this week!


7 Mar 2017

Action images

Submitted by admin

This months My Memory competition has a theme of action, why not give it a go?

Roger was one of last moths 'architecture' winners and bagged a 128Mb USB3 memory stick, so what have you got to lose?

Click here to enter.



1 Mar 2017

If your interest in photography extents to its history and development then set the recorders for 9:00pm Monday BBC4.

The BBC are airing a three part series in partnership with the National Media Museum in Bradford.

A series in which Eamonn McCabe celebrates Britain's greatest photographers, sees how science allowed their art to develop, and explores how they have captured our changing lives and country.

In the first of three programmes, he goes back to the 19th century to trace the astonishingly rapid rise of the photograph in British life. Eamonn explores the science behind early photography, and shows how innovative photographic techniques made possible the careers of pioneers like Roger Fenton and Julia Margaret Cameron. He sees how great figures of the age such as Queen Victoria and Isambard Kingdom Brunel were captured on camera, and revisits the Victorians' sense of wonder about the 'natural magic' of photography and the role it played in their lives.

Worth a watch!

25 Feb 2017

Architectural images

Submitted by admin

If you've got any good architectural images from around the world (and I know many of you have!) then enter the free My Memory competition for February that ends on the 28th.


You've a chance to win a large memory stick which is always handy, so give it a go.

Click here to enter.


2 Feb 2017

International Images for Science is calling for images that cover all breadth of science from medicine, forensic science, zoology, engineering, astronomy, all scientific fields. The competition is open to all, RPS members and non-members. There are three age specific categories: Aged 17 and Under, Aged 18 – 25, and Aged 26 and Over. The competition is free to enter and the closing date is Sunday 30th April 2017, Midnight GMT.

If you've got anything appropriate, give it a go. It's FREE to enter!



1 Feb 2017

If you're passionate about capturing the beauty of plants and gardens, why not take part in The RHS newly-relaunched Photographic Competition?

We have a number of members who enjoy photographing plants and flowers and there are different adult sections to have a go at. (including an abstract section for the creative images).

30 Jan 2017

The latest BPE salon published its results this week. Roger entered four images in the mono section and was rewarded with four acceptances and a PAGB ribbon for 'Dusting Down'.

There are lots of both National and International salons opening up for entries, so if you fancy testing your imags against some of the best amateur togs why not give it a go.


6 Dec 2016

If like many of us, you invested in Adobe Photoshop pre CC then you may be a little upset to find that Adobe no longer provide Camera RAW updates for these products. That's not a major issue until you decide to upgrade to a new camera body and then it becomes one. In effect, Adobe have frozen support for bodies forcing most people to consider moving to their CC product which is based on a monthly/annual subscription model. It's not overly expensive in the scheme of things at around £8 per month, but as someone who paid for a full product I resent being forced into this model of software payment and I know I'm not alone with those feelings.

There are lots of alternatives which you can use to get around this, but none of them currently offer the ability to keep exactly the same workflow as before. 

You can use your own camera manufacturers bespoke software (In the case of Canon thats DPP, Nikon's NX-D, Fuji's Silkypix) and that will convert the RAW file to TIFF, PSD or DNG from which you can then resume your normal workflow.

You can use a RAW to TIFF batch converter such as Easy2Convert RAW to TIFF Pro ($20). That will convert all your shoot to TIFF's and again you can then resume your normal workflow.

You can buy Photoshop Elements 15 (About £85) and that uses the latest RAW converter, but you don't get the catalogue/lightbox facility of Bridge or Lightroom, you don't get curves adjustments and you can't batch process in the RAW converter like you can in PS.

There's also a new kid on the block that's well worth a look called Affinity Photo.

5 Dec 2016

The PAGB run Awards for Photographic Merit or APM's twice a year around the country. Each regional federation gets to host one of these events about every 5 years. In November it was the turn of the SPF and they held their event in Bridge of Allan just north of Stirling. The event runs over a weekend with the CPAGB's on the Saturday and the DPAGB's and MPAGB's on the Sunday.

Roger already held the Distinction level achieved back in April 2012 and it has taken him those intervening four and a half years to amass sporting images of the required standard to have a go for the Masters.

The Masters is awarded to those who achieve the highest standard of UK amateur photography. By that they are looking for photographs which would enjoy a considerable level of success in national or international exhibitions.

Six judges assess the images and can score between 2 to 5 points each giving a range between 12 and 30. Twenty images are required and the pass score is 450 meaning that each image needs to average 22.5. (For the C and D awards the average is 20). For the M, the judges are advised to score images either 2 (not good enough) or 4 (good enough) and are discouraged from scoring a 3 other than for a very near miss. The 5 is reserved for 'probable award winners'. With the 3 score discouraged, you only need one judge to think an image falls below the standard for it to fall below the average (4+4+4+4+4+2 = 22) so it's far from easy.

30 Nov 2016


Congratulations must go to John Wild who took the brave step of venturing into the salon photography world by entering his first international salon. And John went for one of the biggest and best, The Smethwick International, which regularly attraches over 12000 entries.John had his beautiful shot of wild redpolls accepted into this prestigious exhibition.Well done John, but watch out, it's more addictive than Class A drugs (As Bob Dennis often tells us!)

John said that the online entry system made it so easy to enter, so no excuses for the rest of you, get some great images and get them into the salons.


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