1st Place images 2015-16

6 Jun 2016

If you need proof of the power of photography to remind us of great moments in our recent history then this Guardian collection should swing it for you. Almost all have been taken using the constraints of film, have all sorts of technical issues, but they tell a powerful story and remind us of the life of a great boxer that touched so many.


Check out the shoes in the promo shot with Ken Norton and possibly one of the best sports photographs ever, by Neil Leifer of Ali flooring Cleveland Williams in 1966.

1 Jun 2016

The €1 Million Potato

Submitted by admin

This image was taken by famed fine art photographer Kevin Abosch and was hanging in his apartment in Paris when a wealthy businessman (after a few glasses of wine apparently) offered to buy this now famous Irish Potato.

It took a couple of weeks of negotiation but when the price was agreed it became Kevin Abosch’s most expensive photograph.

Mr Abosch is not unfamiliar in receiving a high price for his work, his commissioned portraits cost at least £200,000. He has a long list of celebrity clients who have been shot by the Irishman, most notably Sheryl Sandberg, the Facebook executive, Johnny Depp and Steven Spielberg.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ;-)

23 Mar 2016

The PRIZE!!! A Panasonic Lumix GX8 (Silver) Camera complete with 15mm f1.7 Leica DG Summilux Lens WORTH £1098 - (price correct at the time of the competition being announced)
To take part in the competition “Chester Street Life”, we invite you to submit an Image or Images (a maximum of 3 images only per person may be submitted) depicting life and or activity in Chester City Centre or its immediate vicinity.
The competition opening date is Sunday March 20th 2016 with a closing date of midnight on Sunday May 15th 2016.  After which time, all entries and submissions will be judged by our panel of 3 judges. The winning entry will be made known by Tuesday June 14th 2016 after which the winner will be contacted in due course with a date to be arranged for the winner to collect their prize.
The competition is open to all age groups.

22 Mar 2016

Cheshire Life competition

Submitted by mikec

The magazine 'Cheshire LIfe' is hosting a competition sponsored by Wilkinson Cameras. The only rules are that professionals may not enter, and that the images must be taken in Cheshire. There is no limitation on the subject matter. First prize is a FujiFilm X100T.

Full details at:


Entries have to be in by 23rd September, and are to be downloaded to http://www.cheshirelife.co.uk/photos/upload-a-photo where you will need to register (for free) before uploading your image.

14 Dec 2015

If, like me, you're interested in the history of photography then you might like to read an article I came across recently on the construction of the statue of liberty. 

Poignantly apt after the recent atrocities in France to look back at their gracious gift to America over 125 years ago to celebrate libery and friendship between nations.


4 Dec 2015

Derek Meredith, our Competitions Secretary, has been looking at the number of entries into our competitions during the current season, as compared to the previous three years. The results show a healthy increase.

Looking at the Open competitions, there has been a 39% increase in group A workers submitting prints, and a 35% increase in projected image entries. Furthermore, the B category, aimed at less experienced members, has seen a jump of 24% in their submissions. This is very encouraging.

The very process of putting up your work to be evaluated by a judge is a learning exercise that helps you to improve. And most of the feedback is sympathetic and helpful. And it does add a bit of 'buzz' when you see your images progressing through the 'knockout' stages during the judging of the competition

9 Nov 2015

If you enjoy travel photography, nature and or B&W then feast your eyes on the short documentary and image gallery of the work of Sebastiao Salgado now showing on the Canon Professional Network Website.

I was lucky enough to see his exhibition last year at the sciene museum in London and some of the prints were stunning.

Another ex Magnum photographer whose style is unique and inspiring.


5 Nov 2015
Left: Damian - a regular Norman sitter. Right: Mal

Norman Riley was well known to many in the photography fraternity in the North West. Past President of Chester Photographic Society in 2010 and 2011, a notable portrait photographer, an associate of the RPS.

Norman sadly passed away in late October, having suffered from respiratory problems for some time. He devoted his efforts to raising money for respiratory-related charities and being practically engaged in helping those with similar problems.

But Norman will be best remembered for his character. He was a very engaging personality, able to relate comfortably to anyone. He was a colourful character too, and many will recall his 'country-and-western' performances - having been a professional musician.

At least we can recall some fond memories and continue to enjoy his images and his music.

5 Nov 2015
Roger Evans and Dennis Smith celebrate medals
Winning selection from Chester P.S.

Chester Photographic Society came out clear winners in their Inter-Club print battle, with Warrington runners up.

Some 14 local clubs competed, and judge Tony Pioli stated that the general quality of club photography was getting ever better. However, he thought the monochrome images were not quite up to the standard of the coloured prints.

The 'Best Colour Print' medal went to Dennis Smith of Chester, for his portrayal of ladies football action 'Powerplay', beating Ian Copley's 'Sanderlings' by a narrow margin. The monochrome medal was taken by Roger Evans, also of Chester with his weightlifting image 'The Lifter'. 

The Chester Museum lecture theatre venue was packed, and the event is clearly a popular meeting point for photographic friends.


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